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Comment les champignons hallucinogènes hyperconnectent le cerveau

champignons hallucinogènes

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Researchers have observed the effects of hallucinogenic fungi on neural networks in the brain using MRI scans . The observed hyperconnectivity would be similar to that which occurs when one dreams.

NEURONS.  Hallucinogenic mushrooms cause a kind of « expansion of the mind » by hyperconnection of neural networks between them according to British researchers at University College London. A phenomenon similar to that which is observed when a person dreams according to them.

The map of connections between neural networks (image of one) that scientists published Wednesday, October 29 in  the  Journal of the Royal Society  represents the « meta-networks » (networks of neural networks) of a fasting person (to left) and a person who received psilocybin, the active substance in hallucinogenic mushrooms.

It was obtained by observing, using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the brains of 15 volunteers who were injected with psilocybin intravenously. The aim of the research was not to study the effects on the brain of psychedelic drugs but rather to observe the effects of altered consciousness.

IMPORTANT.  Hallucinogenic mushrooms are narcotic drugs, the picking and consumption of which are strictly prohibited. In addition, the use of these psychotropic drugs runs a risk of severe psychological and psychiatric complications.

« Expansion of the mind »

The researchers thus observed an increase in brain activity in areas related to emotional thought, in particular the hippocampus and the cingulate cortex, which activate according to a pattern comparable to that of dreams according to the researchers.

The authors of this experiment speak of a « phenomenon of expansion of the mind », with a mobilization of the primitive regions of the brain, and of a line of research on « the doors of perception ».

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms, can cause visual hallucinations (intensification of colors, kaleidoscopic views, changes in surrounding shapes), auditory (increased hearing acuity or buzzing, whistling), tactile (increased sensitivity of the body). touch) and synaesthetic (sounds are seen, images are heard or felt). An alteration in the perception of time and space (impression of time slowing down) can also be felt.



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